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Simply Home Consignments & Gifts is one of Longmont's finest local consignment stores.  We carry all types of furniture (new & used), home decor, womens and select mens clothing, shoes, accessories and hand bags. We are a NEW alternative to shopping PRE-OWNED and a SMART alternative when shopping NEW.  We have an ever-revolving inventory of fun and functional furniture and accessories in a relaxed and easy to shop atmosphere.  We are a spectrum of design styles from modern with vintage, eclectic with traditional, funky with formal and everything in between.


Power Sofa | Simply Home Consignments
Vintage Vanity | Simply Home Consignments
Antique Sewing Machine | Simply Home Consignments


Our Philosophy...

Our philosophy is to provide creative local consumers with unique, well-made, long-lasting and reasonably priced pieces of furniture so that you can design your own spaces in a meaningful way. So, whether it's a Family Room, Kitchen, Bedroom or Patio, our courteous staff is ready to assist your personal needs!


Our Background...

We have many years of experience in the resale space and have developed great partnerships to bring you furniture, home decor, art, clothing, accessories and great gifts for your shopping needs.


Why Consign With Us...

We are offering a fair 50/50 split on the final sell price with all of our consignors for all of your items consigned.  We are convenientely located off Ken Pratt Blvd and Sherman Street, in Longmont, which see approximately 65,000 cars daily.  We have an extensive social following and e-commerce store to further extend our reach to customers.  We have also partnered with local artisans and companies to bring you great handmade furniture, home decor and gifts.


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