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Consignment Guidelines

Thank you for considering Simply Home for your consignment needs.  We appreciate your business and would like your consignment with us to be as smooth and straight forward as possible.  Below are guideline you should follow for consignment of your items.  If you have further questions regarding consignment prior to visiting the store, please feel free to contact us at (720)340-8004 or email at [email protected]
We accept items during the following days and times:
Unless we are extremely full, we do accept consignment on a daily basis, Tuesday - Saturday from 11AM - 4:30PM.  Sunday's from 12PM - 3:00PM

Clothing Guidelines:

  1. Walk-in clothing/accessory consignment is welcome, typically on a daily basis, but limited to 10 total items per consignor. Our cut-off for walk-in clothing/accessory consignment is 10 consignors per day.  This is to ensure we can process your items in a timely manner.
  2. If you have more than 10 items, but less than 25, you may either call, email or use our  to reserve a time to bring your items in.  This is to ensure we have the appropriate staff on hand to process your items and the needs of other consignors.
  3. For 25+ items, we require you to contact us to schedule an appointment. You can either call at (720)340-8004 or email us at [email protected] to reserve a time to bring your items in.

Please consider the following when bringing your items in for consignment.

  • All clothing must be clean, wrinkle-free and on hangers.
  • Clothing must have the manufacturer/size tag attached.
  • We do not accept any modified clothing.
  • Shoes and accessories should be clean and floor ready.
  • Jewelry should not be clumped together in a single bag.
  • We do not accept under garments.
Dress and Necklace
Cowboy Boots

Furniture Guidelines:

  1. All large furniture requires prior acceptance and scheduling before arrival at the store.  You may email photos to [email protected], click on any button on the website, or bring photo's into the store.  We provide a conditional acceptance of your items from photo.  Primarily, as we can not verify items like drawer pulls, broken/loose feet verify extent of scratches/damage with a photo.  The likelyhood of us declining an items after conditional approval is low, but it should be noted.
  2. You, the consignor, are responsible for bringing the items to the store, or hire an appropriate moving service.  If you are bringing the items, we require you to have adequate moving help with you.
  3. Small furniture items and decor may be brought directly to the store without prior approval, but are limited to 10-15 total items.  If you have more than that, please contact us prior to reserve a time to bring them in. 

Please consider the following when bringing your items in for consignment.

  • All items must be clean, and floor ready upon arrival.  We may assess cleaning fees on any item that arrives dirty or requires special attention before hitting the sales floor.
  • All walk-in decore items are limited to 10-15 per consignor.
  • We cannot accept mattresses or nursery items with beds, bed frames and bedding.
If you would prefer to contact us directly, please call (720)340-8004 or send email to [email protected]


Furniture Chair
Furniture Sofa
Furniture Table